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ATHEISM IS FALSE Richard Dawkins And The Improbability Of God Delusion

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ISBN: 9781430312307
Author: Stone, David Reuben

David Reuben Stone presents a modern defense of the existence of God. Two new arguments are presented: The Argument From The Laws Of Physics, and the Fine-Tuning Argument. The atheism of Richard Dawkins is refuted in great detail, as well as writings of the following atheistic authors: Quentin Smith, Michael Martin, William Rowe, Victor Stenger, Theodore Drange, J.L. Schellenberg, Nicholas Everitt, Michael Ikeda, Bill Jefferys, Theodore Schick Jr., Wesley C. Salmon, Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, Victor Cosculluela, Thomas Metcalf, and Bruce and Frances Martin. The defenses of atheism by these leading thinkers now stand thoroughly critiqued and in need of substantial revision. A must read for anyone interested in the existence of God. The defense of Hugh Ross's fine-tuning arguments against objections raised by Ikeda and Jefferys is, alone, worth the price of this book! David Reuben Stone is president and founder of Atheism Is False Ministries:


Tags / Keywords: Religion | Christianity | General

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SKU: 2159062

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