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All for Jesus: A Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Covenant Theological Seminary

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ISBN: 9781845501396
Publisher: Christian Focus Publications
Author: Lucas, Sean Michael Peterson, Robert A

50 years ago a small, brand new Christian College relocated to a field in west St. Louis County, Missouri. It was moved there from Pasadena, California under the guidance of Robert G. Rayburn. Rayburn's burning passion was that everything taught should be to Jesus' glory. He also knew that his fledgling denomination, Bible Presbyterian Church, Columbus Synod, would need ministers.

So, alongside Covenant College was founded Covenant Theological Seminary. The seminary hymn, sung every year since 1956, is 'All for Jesus'. It is a fitting reminder of the Seminary's aims.

A lot has changed since then. Covenant College has since moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee, where it has become a leading Liberal Arts college with a respected academic reputation. Covenant Seminary has remained in St. Louis through many denominational name changes and mergers - first serving the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, then the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod and now the Presbyterian Church in America.

Dr. Rayburn stepped down from his position of President in 1977, and has been succeeded by three men, yet two things remain at the heart of the institution - firstly, they train ministers of the gospel and secondly, they seek to do it 'all for Jesus'.

This collection of writings to celebrate the last 50 years was not just put together to highlight current cutting-edge research, expand certain theological perspectives or stir the pot on the latest theological issues - it is put together to emphasise the Christ-centered focus of the mission and calling of Covenant Theological Seminary.

In it's contents you will find many fascinating subjects expanded upon with wit and perspicacity. Not only will you learn new things - but you will celebrate them profoundly.

This collection of essays to celebrate the first 50 years does not just stir the pot on current theological issues - it emphasizes the Christ-centered focus of the Seminary and the aim that everything should be for Jesus' glory particularly in the face of an apathetic world.


Tags / Keywords: Religion | Christian Theology | General

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SKU: 1778113

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